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The RAAA welcomes the announcement by CASA to delay the commencement of the suite of licensing regulations until 1 September 2014. This is a sensible response to strong industry feedback that neither CASA nor the industry was ready to take advantage of the sound licensing improvements contained within the new regulations. Download Submission (pdf) [...]

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RAAA Announces 2013 Scholarship Winners

The RAAA is proud to announce the winners of the 2013 RAAA Scholarships. This year the RAAA was honoured to have 4 organisations sponsor scholarships through the RAAA; Ansett Aviation Training, Hawker Pacific, Jeppesen, and Michelin Australia. Download Submission (pdf)

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Brisbane Airport Corporation offer

The offer by Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC)to work with other airports to ease congestion at Brisbane has been greeted with scepticism by regional operators. The encouragement by BAC's leaders for operators to use larger aircraft at Brisbane in order to maximise airport revenues is disingenuous given that the market should determine the size of aircraft [...]

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Coalition Aviation Policy

The RAAA welcomes the release of the Coalition's aviation policies. They are a good start and show that the Coalition has at least been listening to industry concerns, concerns that have been shared with the Shadow Minister over a number of years. Download Submission (pdf)

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RAAA regional aviation policy – Call for Action

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) launched its pre-election regional aviation policies at the regional aviation summit held at Parliament house Canberra on 19 March. The comprehensive policy document presented the RAAA's views on aviation regulatory reform, safety reporting, aviation security, CASA funding, the enroute rebate scheme, the carbon tax, capital city and regional [...]

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RAAA announces annual Scholarships

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) is calling for applications for its 2012 pilot and engineering scholarships. The RAAA is proud to have joined with member organisations, Ansett Aviation Training, Jeppesen Australia and Michelin to be able to assist the future pilots and engineers of tomorrow. Download Submission (pdf)

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Regional Aviation Summit 2012

The Summit will cover the challenges and opportunities facing regional aviation, regional aviation's vital role in regional development, and the great and unrealised potential for the Australian aviation training industry. Download Submission (pdf)

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Don’t Miss The RAAA 12th Annual Convention

The RAAA annual convention, which commences on Wednesday 7 September and runs over three days to Friday 9 September at the Hyatt Coolum, promises to be another stand-out aviation industry event. Download Submission (pdf)

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Carbon Tax May Mean Pain For Regional Communities

"The Prime Minister claims that the carbon tax is aimed at the big polluters, but the regional aviation industry contributes around 0.2% of the nation's total carbon emissions. The fact that the tax is being applied via the Aviation Fuel Levy to regional aviation, an industry that barely emits carbon and which actually acts as [...]

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