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RAAA Submission Cutting Red Tape
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The examples provided are indicators that historic government monopoly and service behaviour is having a significant and deleterious effect on the regional aviation industry's ability to grow and thrive. Such behaviours must be expunged and the dead-weight of the government aviation bureaucracies lifted from an industry that is essential to Australia's economic and social development. [...]

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RAAA Submission Draft Report – Review of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002
Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development

As we have previously highlighted in our response to this review, and also at the public consultations we attended, it is important that a "one hat fits all" approach is avoided. In relation to aviation there is an array of different sized aircraft and aircraft capability being used to provide services to the travelling public, [...]

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RAAA Submission – Aviation Safety Regulation Review Report
Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development

The RAAA welcomes the release of the ASRR Report and commends Deputy Prime Minister Truss for delivering on his pre-election promise to put Australia's aviation regulatory system under the microscope. In general, the RAAA endorses the key aspects of the report and looks forward to seeing them implemented. In addition the RAAA recommends that the [...]

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RAAA Submission – Standing Committee on State Development Inquiry into Regional Aviation Services
NSW Legislative Council

Regional aviation services are vital to the economic and social wellbeing and development of Australia's regional and remote communities. To most communities, the local aerodrome is a symbol of their prosperity, and a generator of business in the surrounding region. Nearly all communities wish to retain their local airport despite the cost of having them [...]

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