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2012 Review of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 (Transport Standards)
Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development

It is important to RAAA Members that persons with disabilities have an equal opportunity to travel by air. Critical to this for our members is that this travel allows them to travel with dignity. It is important to understand that the Australian domestic aviation industry is made up of a diverse range of Operators each [...]

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Review of Aerodrome Forecast Services for the Aviation Industry
Bureau of Meteorology

This review clearly notes among the critical stakeholders regional communities and regional airlines. The central thrust of the review's recommendations, however, is to substantially reduce services to those stakeholders with what the review itself says "comes at an economic and environmental cost". We say it also reduces regional infrastructure with consequent detrimental social impacts and [...]

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Draft State Aviation Strategy
Western Australian Government

We agree very strongly with the statement in the Minister's Forward "it is imperative that Perth Airport now needs to bring forward the development of a third runway to avoid any further damage and disruption to air traffic".We agree very strongly with the statement in the Minister's Forward "it is imperative that Perth Airport now [...]

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National Security Strategy
Department of Infrastructure & Transport

The RAAA noted with interest the PM stated in a major recent national security speech that the national risk profile has changed significantly. Her new security priorities are clearly those risks associated with tensions arising because of behaviour between sovereign states. The lesser risk now is that of non-state protagonists such as terrorist groups. This [...]

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Brisbane Airport Runway Demand Management Scheme
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

The design of the new Runway Demand Management Scheme at Brisbane Airport raises a competition issue that affects 7 of the 10 operators who currently conduct charter and freight services out of Brisbane Airport and reduces customer choice from 10 operators to 3 operators (only one of which is an independent regional operator). Brisbane Airport [...]

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NPRM 0903OS Australian Air Transport Operators – Certification and Management
Civil Aviation Safety Authority

This regulation should not be capable of being used as a substitute for accident or incident reporting or for aircraft defect reporting. Nor should it be capable of being used as an investigative tool for enforcement action. The RAAA is opposed to any proposal to provide the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) with access to [...]

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Enhanced Aviation Mandatory and Confidential Reporting
Australian Transport Safety Bureau

The issues discussed are complex and require careful handling. Any mishandling of these issues could damage the ATSB/industry relationship to a point that would be significantly detrimental to both parties. The relationship with industry is fundamental to the quality of the ATSB's output and both should not be compromised by a change in reporting behaviour. [...]

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Draft Regulation Impact Statement – Aircraft avionics equipage mandates for satellite-based IFR navigation, Mode S/ADS-B transponders and forward fitment of TCAS II version 7.1
Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The RAAA has consistently supported these initiatives for their value in enhancing aviation safety in a cost effective way. In relation to the RIS, the RAAA does not question the overall savings anticipated. However, it does note that some of the savings claimed as future savings, especially in relation to the benefit of ADS-B in [...]

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NPRM 1202OS – May 2012 Fatigue Management for Flight Crew Members
Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The RAAA considers that the proposals in the NPRM have been developed primarily with the "big end of town" in mind and do not sufficiently balance the cost impacts on regional aviation with any suggested safety benefit. Whilst the RAAA supports efforts to gain a better understanding of fatigue management and has generally favoured the [...]

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