2014 Presentations

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The following is a list of presentations given at the 2014 RAAA National convention. Where available, speaker notes have been included. Please click on presentation name to view notes.

Presentations: Thursday 9th October 2014

The Hon Bob Baldwin
Member for Paterson
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry
A New Horizon
  size 71kb
Dr Keith Suter
Economic and Social Commentator
Flying is still the safest way to travel
Terry Farquharson
Acting Director of Aviation Safety
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Regional Aviation and the Regulator
Samantha Sharif
Chief Executive Officer
Aviation New Zealand
Aviation NZ – One industry – Leveraging NZ Inc
Kerry O’Keeffe
Australian Sporting Personality
Cricket and Life – from a different viewpoint
(No Presentation Available)
Doug Scott
Manager East Coast Services North
Air Traffic Control
Airservices Australia
Airservices and Regional Aviation
Manufacturers Update Embraer
Mr Fernando Mainardi
Marketing Director
Mr Thierry Sarrailhe
VP Marketing and Sales – Asia Pacific

Mr Prashad Maharan
Director of Sales

Presentations: Friday 10th October 2014

Ms Jayne Heatley,
Ms Kiera Nelson
Norton White Lawyers
Unruly passengers or Unruly suppliers?
The application of consumer laws in Ausralia
Now you own it, now you don’t – PPSR Updae
(Presentation Not Available)
Mr Martin Dolan
Chief Commissioner
Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Room for improvement? What recent investigations are telling us?
Mr Craig Condon
Rescue Coordination Centre Chief
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Air Vice Marshal Gavin Turnbull
Air Commander Australia
(Presentation not available)
Mr John Wagner
Wagners Global Services
Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport
Mr David Forsyth
Australian Safety Regulation Review Committee
Leadership in Aviation – The Role of Government
Aviation Wildlife Hazard Management
Panel Discussion
Mr Darren Angelo
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
  918kbMr Michael Bridge

Mr Julian Fraser

Ms Jill Brix
Townsville Airport

Ms Jill Brix & Mr Darren Angelo
Australian Wildlife Hazard Management Group

Manufacturers Update ATR
Nico Martiniello
  1.3mbMitsubishi Aircraft CorporationMr Akio Uedo
Regional Director, Asia & Pacific, Sales and Marketing
(Presentation Not Available)

Mr Adam Triolo
Regional Sales Director, Textron Aviation