2016 Presentations

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The following is a list of presentations given at the 2016 RAAA National convention. Where available, speaker notes have been included. Please click on presentation name to view notes.

Presentations: Thursday 20th October 2016

Ken Keech (No Presentation Available)
Future Proofing the Industry
Panel Discussion
David Trevelyan
Basair Aviation CollegeDan Minton
Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council
Future Proofing the Aviation Industry

Steve Dawkins
Future Proofing the Aviation Industry

Patrick Murray
University of Southern Queensland
Future Proofing the Australian aviation industry
The looming Pilot Shortage – “Pan Pan” or “Mayday”?


Glen Eastlake
Technical Director
International Safety Systems
Resilence Against Human
Gordon French, AM
Australian Air Cadets
Air Cadets Future Aviators
Marcus Lancaster
Newcastle Airport
Non-capital Airports regional contribution
Chris Cowan
Chief Executive Officer
Essendon Fields
Partnership between Regional Airlines and Regional Airports

Presentations: Friday 21st October 2016

Mike Higgins
Chief Executive Officer
Regional Aviation Association of Australia
(No Presentation Available)
Pip Spence, PSM
A/g Deputy Secretary
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
Regional Aviation Policy – Challenges and Opportunities
(No Presentation Available)
Greg Hood & Chris Manning
Chief Commissioner & Aviation Commissioner
Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Brett Anderson
Assistant Director, Specialised Services
Bureau of Meteorology
Current and Future Developments in Aviation Weather Services
Ray Martin & Billy Birmingham The 12th Man – A Marrrvellouss innings behind the mic
(No Presentation Available)
Jason Harfield
Chief Executive Officer
Airservices Australia
Beyond “Accelerate” – The New Airservices
(No Presentation Available)
Shane Carmody
Acting Director of Aviation Safety
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Modern Aviator Regulator: the CASA Approach
(No Presentation Available)
Ian Mallett
Airpace and Airways Specialist Consultant
3D Approaches in Australia
Rob Holdsworth
Ageing Aircraft
Manufacturers Update Embraer
Paul Begley
Sales DirectorMitsubishi
Akio Ueda
Sales/Marketing Director, Asia and Pacific

Jean-Pierre Clercin
Sales Director Australia & Pacific Region