Clerical Administrator

Clerical Administrator Position.

The successful candidate will be responsible for their own work which is performed within established guidelines. In some situations detailed instructions may be necessary. This may require the employee to exercise limited judgment and initiative within the range of their skills and knowledge.

The employee may be subject to final checking and as required progress checking. Such employees may be required to check the work and/or provide guidance to other employees at a lower level and/or provide assistance to less experienced employees at the same level.

Indicative typical duties and skills may include:

Reception/switchboard duties and in addition responding to enquiries as appropriate to the acquired knowledge of the employer’s operations and services.

Presentation and use of interpersonal skills will be a key aspect of the position

Handling enquiries complaints and problems and following up when appropriate

Converting telephone customer enquiries to sales for revenue by suggesting appropriate predefined alternatives to maximise selling opportunities

Operating of computerised radio/telephone equipment, micro personal computer and printing devices and cloud computing environments.


Word processing
Spreadsheet / worksheets
Accounting / payroll file – Time Sheets
Maintenance of records / journals
Reconciliation of accounts
Incoming/outgoing cheques
POS Processing
Payroll data
Petty cash
letters etc.


How to apply

Please send a cover letter addressing the requirements with an attached CV.
Airline industry experience is not required for this position.

All applications will be required to achieve compliance with the regulatory requirements of safety sensitive and security controlled Aviation areas.

Assistance with aviation regulatory requirements will be provided during induction to the successful candidate.

Jason Barro (Quality & Safety Manager)
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Closing date

Friday, 30 April 2021

Work type

Full time


Alice Springs, NT


Northern Territory Air Services