Affiliate Membership of the RAAA is open to all organisations, other than AOC holders and Associate Members, who nevertheless participate on a continuing basis directly or indirectly in or with the Australian aviation industry (whether they participate at the regional level or at a different level) and who in the opinion of the Board will contribute to the goals of the Association and includes:

  • Government Departments,
  • Shire Councils, and
  • Other similar bodies.

Under the RAAA Constitution Affiliate Members do not have any voting rights at general or special meetings of the Association, however are able to participate fully in all other areas of the Association’s endevours, e.g. the Technical Working Group (TWG) and our annual convention.

Current Affiliate Members

The RAAA is honored to have the following organisations as Associate Members of the RAAA.

Membership of the RAAA by Affiliate Members highlights to the community the care and concern of these organisations in ensuring the continual survival plus prosperity of regional and remote air services in Australia.

Clicking on a Member’s logo will take you to a summary of operations and their contact details.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are charged annually based on an Australian financial year (1 July to 30 June). New members pay on a pro-rata basis pending on the remaining year from when their application is received and approved by the RAAA Board. All Affiliate Members pay the same flat fee each year. For the current fees payable by Affiliate Members please see the application form located on the “Join The RAAA” page.