Individuals are nominated for Honorary Membership of the RAAA by the Members at a General Meeting of the Association.

Under the RAAA Constitution a person who in the opinion of the Members either has given exceptional service to regional aviation or to the Association or who by their position, rank or privilege may thereafter be of exceptional service to Members or to the Association may be nominated for Honorary Membership.

A person who has been nominated by the RAAA Members for Honorary Membership will be contacted by the RAAA Board in confidence to see if they wish to accept the nomination.
Under the RAAA Constitution there can only be a maximum of 7 Honorary Members at any time.

Current Honorary Members

The RAAA is honored to have the following individuals as Honorary Members of the RAAA.

  • Hazelton, Max
  • MacKnight, John
  • Padgett, Stephen
  • Roworth, John

Membership Fees

There are no joining or annual Membership Fees associated with Honorary Membership of the RAAA.