Ordinary Membership of the RAAA is open to all organisations that hold an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and includes:

  • Aeromedical operators,
  • Airline Operators,
  • Charter Operators,
  • Air Freight Operators,
  • Flying Schools, and
  • Other aerial work requiring an AOC.

Current Ordinary Members

The RAAA is honoured to have the following AOC holders as Ordinary Members of the RAAA.

The RAAA encourages people to use and promote the services of RAAA Ordinary Members as active supporters of communities and businesses in regional and remote parts of Australia.

Clicking on a Member’s logo will take you to a summary of operations and their contact details.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are charged annually based on an Australian financial year (1 July to 30 June). New members pay on a pro-rata basis pending on the remaining year from when their application is received and approved by the RAAA Board. Ordinary Membership fees are based on the turnover of the AOC holder. For the current fees payable by Ordinary Members please see the information located on the Join The RAAA page.