Project Description

The Australian Aviation Hall of Fame (AAHOF) honours those individuals and organisations, whose outstanding contributions have advanced aviation significantly, thereby inspiring our future generations.

Not only recognising the outstanding contributions of the past, but to also inspiring future generations to achieve excellence in all they do and further develop aviation for all.

Australia has a proud history in the development of flight and air services. Indeed, Australia led the way in aviation as a means to counter the vast distances and remoteness of much of the country.

Like all history, unless those who remain tell the stories of those before, those stories are lost forever.

The AAHOF was officially launched in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales on Tuesday 24 August 2010. The AAHOF Motto is “To Honour the Past and Inspire the Future”

Its founding partners includes: Jeppessen; GE; Shell Aviation; Aviation Development Australia; Charles Stuart University; Wagga Wagga City Council; and QBE.

The Australian Aviation Hall of Fame aims to formally induct into it, people and organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to civil aviation in Australia and Australians who have made an outstanding contribution internationally.

An Association, incorporated in New South Wales, the Australian Aviation Hall of Fame membership is open to all associations and professional bodies, including unions, involved with the aviation industry in Australia.

Membership is also available to the major airlines in Australia which are not members of an Association.

Contact Information

Kerry Carmichael
PO Box 8876
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Phone: 0411 222 205