Project Description

AIR360 is an independent aviation support company that provides management and services to aviation and commercial businesses and individuals in the Australia Pacific region.

AIR360’s services are founded on 50+ years of knowledge and experience in the aviation industry and include :

  • Consultancy (specialising in Quality Systems, Aerodrome Inspections & Airport Infrastructure Planning, Aircraft Support and Acquisition)
  • Fleet Technical Management (including Flightdocs Maintenance Tracking Software, Reliability Engineering, Modifications and Technical Records Management)
  • Manufacturing (CASA approved production certificate)
  • Aircraft Hire (Based at Archerfield Airport, Brisbane with attractive pre-purchase block-discounts available)

AIR360 places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and uses its experience and aviation knowledge to tailor solutions to individual clients needs in a fair and cost-effective way.

AIR360 can provide advice on a host of aviation questions and needs, so Contact Us to talk over any enquiries you may have, no matter how trivial or out of the ordinary.

Contact Information

Jason Hazell
Head Office Gold Coast
Unit 5
28 Newheath Drive
Arundel QLD 4214

Melbourne Office
Melbourne Aviation Precinct
Operations Road
Melbourne Airport VIC 3045

PO Box 1185
Ashmore City QLD 4214

Phone: 1300 442 916
Fax: 07 3036 5738