Project Description

At Apex the primary focus is to provide world-class, real-time tracking solutions of assets to the Global Aviation Market.

Apex Flight Operations was formed by like-minded individuals with extensive experience in aircraft tracking, IT and software development and business vision in 2012, officially commencing in May 2013, when the existing and proven IndigoTrack Flight Operations Software was acquired.

As a company, Apex are constantly striving to exceed the expectations of customers. Based on industry feedback over the last 6 years, we have undertaken an extensive redevelopment of the core of our Aircraft Tracking System.

The all-new Indigo Track Software delivers improved reliability and innovative functionality, giving you virtually full control over your Flight Operations from start to finish!

In order to complement the new and improved functionality of our IndigoTrack software solution, we have also developed a brand new, next-generation portable tracking system, the Falcon.

The Falcon provides exceptional detailed feedback from your aircraft using the latest available cutting-edge satellite technology.

Combining the Falcon Tracking System and IndigoTrack Software enables you to manage your aircraft operation efficiently and cost-effectively, regardless of the size of your fleet.

Contact Information

Andrew Burton
Chief Executive Officer

PO Box 832
Freshwater NSW 2096