Project Description

Archerfield airport was established in the early 1930’s and served as Brisbane’s primary and international airport up until 1949 with Qantas, Ansett ANA and Trans Australia Airlines offering Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) services.

In 1998, Archerfield was privatised. It now operates as the major general aviation airport in Queensland, and the metropolitan airport for greater Brisbane.

The airport remains on Commonwealth owned land, and the operation and management roles are now performed by Archerfield Airport Corporation (AAC) – a local family owned business with ties to the airport dating back to the 1950’s.

Aircraft movements have remained relatively steady in the past decade at approximately 140,000 per year. The airport has the capacity, and remains available, for Regular Passenger Transport services should the need arise in the future. Consultation with the community and airport stakeholders would be required before this could proceed.

AAC has dedicated further resources to create TRANSITION Archerfield Logisitics Estate.

TRANSITION is a premium grade industrial estate to cater for the growing needs of the South West Industrial Gateway in which the airport is situated. The 24 hectare estate is available for both aviation and non-aviation developments. The subsequent cash flow will underwrite much needed renewal and development of aviation facilities on the airport itself.

AAC has a long-term commitment to Archerfield Airport. It will continue to develop a balance of commercial and aviation related businesses to ensure the airfield’s long-term financial sustainability and to unlock its potential to develop into a superior aviation destination.

Contact Information

Heather Mattes
General Manager

PO Box 747
Archerfield QLD 4108

Phone: 07 3275 8011