Project Description

Aviation Services of Australia is part of CRI Leasing and CRI International. CRI Leasing and CRI International are aircraft leasing and management service companies that provide marketing, finance, and technical services for the acquisition, placement and leasing of aircraft. CRI owns a portfolio of Fairchild Metro aircraft that they lease to Airlines Worldwide.

CRI Leasing was established in 1994, by D. A. (Chip) Cipolla. Chip is a world reknown expert on the Fairchild Metro and Merlin series of aircraft. In a 17 year career at the manufacturer, his positions included: Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer – Fairchild Aircraft, President – Fairchild Financial Services Company, Vice President – Metro Credit Corporation The experience in marketing and financing the aircraft has provided Chip the opportunity to understand the Fairchild Metro from the engineering, product support, and lending sides as well as from the airline operator’s perspective.

Fairchild Metroliners are turboprop aircraft manufactured in the San Antonio, Texas from 1970 through 1995. Turboprop aircraft have the same features of jet airliners, including radar, GPS, IFR avionics, and pressurization. They are designed for shorter flights with better fuel per passenger then jet airliners.

Aircraft Leasing

  • Monthly lease payments are treated as expenses. Therefore in many cases they provide a tax advantage for the lessee.
  • Leasing does not require that you tie up your valuable capital on aircraft assets. Leaving this money available for other business opportunities.


  • Let Chip and his team assist you in selecting your next aircraft. CRI can assess your needs; find the aircraft that will meet these requirements. They will take in to consideration age of the aircraft, maintenance history, operating cost and financial commitment.
  • CRI can assist you in the sales of aircraft to reduce or restructure your current airline fleet.


  • CRI can customize your next Metro to meet your operational needs, whether it be passenger, cargo, combi or executive configurations. CRI can also upgrade the aircraft with the latest avionics to meet your changing regulatory requirements.

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