Project Description

Aviation Auditors Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising in independent aviation auditing services. Founded in 2010 by Dennis Hill, his vision was to offer completely independent aviation auditing services both within Australia and internationally.

Recognising that audits are an integral part of an organisation’s safety management system and a key tool for management’s oversight of an organisation, Aviation Auditors independent service is tailored to each individual client’s needs and can be applied to any organisation and its operations within the aviation industry. Aviation Auditors conducts first, second and third party audits for aviation organisations and other non-aviation related organisations that rely on aviation organisations to deliver a service or contractual requirements. Aviation Auditors are able to construct very specific audits to target parts of a Safety Management System, or, the entire system.

Aviation Auditors also have extensive knowledge and experience with tall structures, particularly the impacts of wind farms on the local aviation industry. Our airspace review/audit is a valuable tool for wind farm operators in assessing the aviation-related risks at any chosen location.

In addition to auditing Aviation Auditors also offer incident and accident investigation services. The intention of the investigation process is to establish causal factors to the incident or accident by using a “no blame” approach, and focusing on systems, process and human factors. At the end of the investigation process, the client will have the casual factors identified and be able to put in place remedial action/s to reduce the likelihood of the same event occurring again.

Our independence is your confidence.

Audit services include:

  • Quality Management Systems Audits (QMS)
  • Safety Management Systems Audits (SMS)
  • Airspace Audits
  • Contractual Audits
  • Systems and Process audits
  • Airport Security Audits

Other services:

  • Aircraft Accident Investigation
  • Aviation Incident Investigation
  • Gap Analysis

Contact Information

PO Box 139
Oyster Bay NSW 2225

Phone: 1300 818 700
Fax: 02 9528 0221