Project Description

In Australia, AvPlan EFB is a CASA approved paper replacement under CAR 233 1 (h). EFB stands for Electronic Flight Bag. An EFB provides everything you need for flight planning and navigation in the one handy electronic device. This includes maps, airfield information, airspace documentation, flight planning and moving map GPS display.

AvPlan is the leading Australian flight planning application for the Apple iPad and iPhone. It is available from the Apple App Store. AvPlan EFB can be a legal replacement for paper maps, ERSA, DAP, AIP and AIP SUP. Avplan recommend that a backup be carried in the cockpit, and this backup can be another device running AvPlan EFB, or traditional documentation.

Envisioned, developed and rigorously tested by Australian pilots for Australian pilots. Focused on continuous improvement, the team at AvPlan consult with CASA and their Product Design Board comprising senior instructors and pilots active in all major aviation segments.

Subscriptions for AvPlan are available for purchase inside the app, or directly from the Avplan EFB website. Subscriptions through their site come at a discounted rate over those available through the app, as it bypasses the Apple royalty payment. Your AvPlan subscription can be used by you on up to three (3) devices. This makes AvPlan EFB the most cost effective EFB for Australian pilots.

Designed as the go-anywhere lifetime EFB application that can grow with you – from local VFR recreational aviation through to professional IFR charter and regional airline operations, AvPlan has been designed to leverage your investment by using the portability, connectivity, ease of use, reliability and processing capability of your Apple iPhone and iPad.

Contact Information

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Moorabbin Airport VIC 3194

PO Box 2850
Cheltenham VIC 3192

Phone: 03 8370 3024