Project Description

As a profit-for-members super fund dedicated to the aviation industry, AvSuper operates only for the benefit of members, with low fees and strong long-term investment returns. AvSuper members receive personalised service, access to additional products and easy to understand information about super.

AvSuper for members

AvSuper is a cost-effective way to save for your future, with personalised service and access to member benefits and features such as:

  • competitive fees
  • member investment choice – eight options and no switching fees
  • access to free personal advice about their super and income streams*
  • strong long-term investment returns
  • 24-hour access to your account details
  • a number of convenient ways to make contributions
  • access to AvSuper life and income protection insurance including for ‘hard to insure’ occupations like pilots, fire fighters and air traffic controllers
  • pre-approved cover increases for eligible life events such as having a baby or buying a house
  • smooth transition to an income stream with competitive and simple fees, investment choice, online access and drawdown options
  • fact sheets, member guides and regular communications to help you with your super

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The AvSuper Fund

AvSuper combines the best features of industry, corporate and retail super funds to provide members with the best of all worlds. The AvSuper Fund was established in 1990 to service the aviation safety industry and remains dedicated to the aviation and aviation services industry across Australia.

AvSuper reduces investment fees

From 1 August 2019, AvSuper is reducing investment fees to superannuation and income stream members.

With a profit-for-members philosophy, AvSuper regularly reviews fees and is pleased to be able to reduce fees for members to enhance their retirement savings. The actual reduction varies for different investment options. For instance, members invested in the Growth option will have a 0.04% fee decrease which will save $103 a year for members with an average AvSuper balance or $213 for income stream members with an average AvSuper balance.

AvSuper has been working for members in the aviation and aviation safety industries for nearly 30 years. The fund operates for the benefit of over 6,500 members, offering personalised service, employer support and financial advice services.

AvSuper Management (L to R):

 back row – Silas Dingiria, Debbie-Jane Campbell, Shan Badowski, Kong Lau, Naomi Hales, Sue Field.

Front row – Carl Wilson, Michelle Wade (CEO), Ursula Morley, Nic Miners, Nick Smith, Tash Hughes

AvSuper ~ a top ten super fund for investment performance every year since 2011

The Trustee of AvSuper is AvSuper Pty Ltd (ABN 46 050 431 797), a professional corporate trustee company which ensures that the Fund operates in the best interests of all members.

AvSuper Trustees: L-R:

standing – Ben Firkins (Chair), Stephen Merlicek, Julie-Anne Shafer, Lawrie Cox.

seated – Stuart Brades, Denise Allen, Michael Farrell, Hylton Mathews.

Contact Information

Level 5, 221 London Circuit
Canberra ACT 2601

GPO Box 223
Civic Square ACT 2608

Phone: 1300 128 751
Fax: 02 6100 2799

* Fees may apply for more complex advice