Project Description

Basair is a flying training school & college located at Bankstown Airport in Sydney, Australia. We provide flight training for all licence levels from Private to Commercial/Airline, and which is available for both local and overseas students. Courses are approved for the issue of student visas for overseas students.

Basair is the largest flying college in Australia.

Basair is the largest flying college in Australia and have graduated students that now fly in over 40 airlines around the world!

Basair operate a fleet of over 50 aircraft, which is the third largest commercial fleet in Australia, behind only QANTAS and Virgin Blue. They have over 50 high quality instructors, dedicated to training students to an excellent standard.

Since Basair was founded in 1991, over 4,500 customers have chosen to fly with Basair. They cater for a wide range of customers, from those that want a simple joy flight over Sydney Harbour — to students studying for Commercial Pilot Licences, multi-engine endorsements, instrument flying and instructor ratings.

All of their flight training is provided to a very high quality. They have an excellent, structured competency based curriculum – which means students typically achieve a commercial pilot licence in 8 months. They teach both the theory and the practical aspects of flying.

Contact Information

131 Vega Crescent
Bankstown Airport NSW 2200
PO Box 173
Georges Hall NSW 2198

Phone: (02) 9791 0111
Fax: (02) 9791 0065