Project Description

Complete Avionics is a leading avionics support centre. With our modern workshops incorporating the latest test equipment and experienced technical personnel, we are able to service a wide range of avionics equipment. Customer orientated service has seen our capability and customer base increase at a steady and satisfying rate.

Aviation electronics is our core business, however we are also able to provide fast and efficient sales and service for all types of equipment and aircraft. We have attained credibility in our procurement, pricing and OPTIONS available for our products and services.

Our new and used equipment for resale is varied and supported by each of the leading manufacturers. The inventory of rotable equipment has increased dramatically and is based upon our major customer’s requirements. This falls into line with the current commercial turbine and piston aircraft/helicopter fleet presently operating in Australia.

Complete Avionics is a leading avionics support centre. We offer a wide range of services including Sales, Service, Installation, Rectification, Certification and Accommodation. Complete Avionics has two fully equipped workshops for the service and repair of NAV, COM, AUDIO SYSTEMS, PULSE SYSTEMS, RADAR, GPS, AUTO-PILOT, INSTRUMENTS (Gyroscopic, pitot-static, Engine). We have a wide variety of maintenance manuals covering most major brands.

With over fifty years of combined avionics experience, our staff of dedicated professionals believe that the “team approach” is the “best approach” to helping you solve your avionics problems and needs. We do everything necessary to properly educate you on the avionics or instruments required or desired for your aircraft.

Contact Information

Hanger 55
Coolangatta Airport Qld 4225

PO Box 133
Tugun QLD 4225

Phone: 07 5536 9222
Fax: 07 5536 9255