Project Description

Dynamic Crew Training Pty Ltd (DCT) is headquartered in the dedicated Aviation Safety Training facility situated within the Qantas Flight Training Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

This World Class, “Best Practice” training facility, and the vast and diverse capabilities it offers, is a core part of the DCT product-offering and operation.

As a result of this desirable location and other unique training resources and assets, DCT is well-positioned to offer to the aviation industry a superior level of quality training and other aviation-associated products and services in the following crucial areas:

  • Aircrew Emergency Procedures Training (CAO 20:11/CAR 217)
  • Aircrew /Other Personnel: Human Factors/CRM/NTS Training (CAO 82.5)
  • Multi Crew Co-operation (MCC) Training
  • Aircrew/Other Personnel: Fire Training
  • Aircrew/Other Personnel: Security Training
  • Aircrew/Other Personal: First Aid Training
  • Aviation Medicine Training
  • Dangerous Goods Training (CASR Part 92)
  • DAMP (CASR Part 99)
  • RSA
  • Safety Management Systems (CAO 82.5)
  • Just Culture
  • Risk Management/Risk Assessment
  • Contextual WH&S (Aviation Environment)
  • Operations/Business: Continuity/Contingency Planning
  • AOC Application Preparation
  • SOPs Development/Preparation
  • Other Organisational/Operational Policies and Procedures Development
  • Customer Service/Product Delivery
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Cultural/Organisational Change
  • EEO
  • Fatigue Risk Management Planning
  • Operational/Safety/Procedures Manuals: Development/Preparation/Re-writes
  • Polar/Cold Weather Survival
  • Desert/Hot Climate Survival Training
  • Sea Survival/Raft Management Training
  • Crisis Management Planning (Aviation)
  • Aircraft Accident/Incident Investigation (ICAO Annex 13)
  • CAO 20:11: Regulator (CASA) Audit Preparation
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)
  • Airport Operations

By virtue of it’s unique commercial arrangement with Qantas and it’s own extensive investment in aircraft-specific training aides, DCT can offer it’s clients an unprecedented level of access to the following Aviation training devices and facilities :

  • Certified aircraft door/cabin trainers including: A320, A330, A380, B737, B747, B767, B787, Cessna Citation, (coming soon: Fokker 100, Beech B200 King Air)
  • Certified HUET Device
  • Aircraft Emergency Equipment Rooms
  • Fully-equipped Class Rooms
  • Large Ditching/Wet Drill Pool
  • Assorted Slide/Rafts and other Raft types
  • Dedicated Live Fire Training Area
  • Dedicated Security Training Area

DCT provides training product and services to all areas of the Aviation Industry. The DCT current Aviation client portfolio includes:

  • Part 135 Aviation Charter Operators
  • Part 91 Private Flight Departments
  • Part 121 Passenger/Freight Operators
  • Part 141 Flight Training Providers
  • Australian Defence Force
  • CAR 217/CAO 20:11/CAO 82.5 compliance-obligated Operator

Contact Information

Ray Woodford
Group General Manager
7 York Street
Airport West VIC 3042

Phone: 0433 906 931