Project Description

DeC Workforce is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in the supply of aircraft engineers to aircraft operators and maintenance facilities nationally and internationally.

A leading provider of support personnel in aircraft maintenance facilities and line maintenance operations throughout Australia and the Pacific, they currently employ highly skilled engineers and support personnel in all sectors of the industry including military, commercial and civil aviation.

Our knowledge of avionics, structrual & mechanical, engineering for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft means our customers can rely on us to keep them in the air and stay on-time and on-budget – without compromising safety or quality.

The large workforce of highly qualified and individually selected engineers allows us to supply Aircraft Engineers with extensive experience for your specific type of aircraft, whether fixed wing or rotary.

Their skills, knowledge and adherence to manufacturers’ maintenance programs, practices and procedures results in reduced delays, better streamlining of tasks and, ultimately, cost savings without compromise to on-ground or air safety.

Contact Information

Shane De Clouett

PO BOX 561
Glenelg SA 5045

Phone: 0428673449