Project Description

Finlease has been providing finance for business and individuals since 1989. Like many successful organisations, Finlease was founded on a dream. Their Founder Mark O’Donoghue noticed what was being offered by banks and the financial community and believed there was a better way.

In time, a team of like-minded brokers came aboard, each highly skilled in specific areas of finance and fuelled by passion. Success breeds success and today Finlease has $350 million on loan annually. This gives them the financial muscle that helps them negotiate more effective finance solutions.

Finlease is a bit different to the banks. They have offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart, but they go much further than that. Finlease is quite prepared to come out and see how your business runs, to better understand how best to help you. They’re prepared to get their hands dirty, so they can offer you a clean start.

Land the right aircraft or helicopter solution.

Finlease can finance a range of commercial aircraft, whether you want to buy a small single engined Cessna or buy a helicopter. They can also handle complete financing of full re-powers or re-builds. If you’re buying an aircraft from overseas they can also arrange Import/Trade aircraft finance (ie. Letter of Credit) if required. Their aircraft finance solutions can range from traditional finance like Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) to aircraft lease programs. Finlease can also arrange facilities in US dollars, and on a variable interest rate structure, whatever will work best for you.

Finlease cover a lot of ground.

To process your application efficiently, Finlease take the time to visit you to understand your business, so you won’t be waiting in queues. We’ll manage the whole aircraft finance process, so they won’t leave your aircraft finance application floundering in a holding pattern. Then once your loan or aircraft lease is approved they’ll manage settlement and payment to the supplier.

With over $350 million financed annually, they have massive buying power with over 20 leading financiers, so Finlease can spread your aircraft finance across different institutions. Whether you’re buying a helicopter or buying an aeroplane, in 99% of cases the aircraft will serve as the loan’s collateral without requiring residential real estate as security.

Helping your business take off.

Finlease provide finance solutions geared not only to your chosen aircraft but suited to the cashflow of your business. When you’re buying an aircraft Finlease can even obtain a pre-approval for a ‘hypothetical’ aircraft. Then you can shop around with greater confidence and increased bargaining power.

Once you find the perfect aircraft, you place the order, they pay the supplier, you collect the aircraft, it’s that simple.

In addition to aircraft and helicopter finance, Finlease can help you with your financial needs for:

  • Boats, Cars & RV’s
  • Business Finance
  • Computers, Fitouts and Office Equipment
  • Rental & Operating Leases
  • Real Estate

Contact Information

Amit Choksi
Aviation Finance, Asia Pacific
1 James Place
North Sydney NSW 2060

Phone: 07 3278 7887
Mobile: 0409 264 222
Fax: 02 8404 2060