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IDS, Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. is a global company with its headquarters in Roma and laboratory in Pisa, Italy where it was founded in 1980. The IDS Aeronavigation Division, based in Rome Italy, was established in 1993 and provides the most comprehensive and integrated selection of aeronautical software solutions for the Air Transport Industry throughout the world.

IDS is a company with a commercially sound and solid foundation with a long history of innovation in the information industry, providing an ongoing investment in research and development which differentiates us from others. IDS has experienced significant growth over the past 5 years, providing several key ANSPs with high quality, high technology Aeronautical solutions while also expanding worldwide to better serve the global aeronautical industry.

IDS is recognized as the leading supplier of integrated AIM systems, including engineering solutions for flight procedure design, airspace design and navigation performance assessment. As a single vendor solution IDS delivers the optimised solution, eliminating duplication, improved quality and productivity while adhering to the most stringent safety and industry standards.

IDS is currently maintaining many operational systems around the world in key Air Navigation Service Providers and Aviation Agencies. Customers have the benefit of accessing and networking closely with other Aeronavigation Service Providers (ANSP) worldwide during our yearly User Group meeting (AeroSIG) hosted in Rome. IDS today supports our customers directly with offices in Italy, UK, North America, South America and Australia. The company is divided into 4 major divisions namely, AeroNavigation, Naval, Aeronautical and Georadar.

IDS AeroNavigation and Georadar are the divisions now operating in Australia with a view to later also start the other divisions. The IDS Quality System is ISO 9001 certified (Cert-01711-97-AQ-VIO-SINCERT) for system design, “computer aided” modeling and performance simulation in the field of electromagnetism, radar, signal and data processing and mechanical structures plus development, supply and maintenance of related software products. IDS Australasia Pty Ltd IDS have founded IDS Australasia with a view of better expanding its business operations while serving the region directly.

IDS have a large regional customer base in all 4 business units. IDS Australasia is a fully owned subsidiary of IDS Italy. The area of responsibility for IDS Australasia includes Asia and the Pacific, stretching from India to the South East Asia and the Pacifics, including major customers in government and private sectors.

IDS Australasia is operating from Brisbane where we offer strong resources for both the Aeronavigation and Ground Probing radar industries. IDS decided on Brisbane, Australia as it offers easy access to the Asia and Pacific region with direct flights to most countries with access to research institutions and good aeronavigation and engineering resources.

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