Project Description

IOR Aviation, the dedicated Aviation division of IOR Petroleum, supplies high quality Jet and Avgas fuels to the Australian Aviation industry. With capabilities encompassing supply, transport, logistics and fuel storage and management facilities, IOR Aviation is a logical partner to your aviation business.

IOR sources its high quality fuels from Australia’s leading refiners and importers of aviation grade fuels. We operate a dedicated tanker fleet, eliminating switch loading and contamination risk during transport to your operations.

Unique within Australia, our tanker fleet are fitted with filtration systems ensuring that only the highest quality aviation fuels are discharged into your aircraft or local fuel storage tanks at the time of delivery. Additional features of our highly specified tanker fleet are:

  • On board pumps, providing improved discharge times and option beyond gravity fed tanks only
  • Certified metering systems to ensure accurate delivery volumes and billing
  • Quality fuel control systems with dedicated Avgas and Jet trailers complete with filtration, limiting product contamination

Contact Information

Grant Love
Manager – Aviation

99 Southgate Ave
Cannon Hill QLD 4170

Phone: 07 3895 4431
Fax: 007 3395 7902