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Project Description

AvSuper: Help your super take off

Choosing to make super contributions to an AvSuper account can make a huge difference to the amount of money you will receive in retirement.

AvSuper accepts all of the following contributions into member accounts:

  • Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions from your employer
  • salary sacrifice contributions where your employer deducts contributions before calculating the tax on your pay
  • personal contributions from your after-tax money can be made regularly or on an ad hoc basis
  • splitting of concessional (SG and salary sacrifice) contributions with your spouse
  • contributions from a spouse – and the spouse may get a tax rebate, too
  • Government Co-contribution for eligible members who have made personal contributions

You can also roll over (or transfer) from any other super funds you have previously been a member of – consolidating old super into one account often means paying reduced fees. Rolling into AvSuper may also mean you can roll over your existing insurance cover, too – contact AvSuper to find out more.

Joining AvSuper

Joining AvSuper is very easy. It is suggested you read the AvSuper Product Disclosure Statement to find out everything about the AvSuper Fund, then all you have to do is complete an AvSuper membership application (available from their website or by calling them).

If your employer has chosen AvSuper as their default fund, then they will complete a form on your behalf so you don’t have to do anything! You can also download a Member Choice Form from the AvSuper website to let your employer know where to make super contributions for you.

Employers can choose AvSuper as their default fund – there are no complicated forms or agreements to complete, no fees to pay and employers can choose when to make contributions (within Government rules). AvSuper provides fact sheets and other information to help you meet your super obligations for your employees.