Project Description

After Ansett collapsed, a group of businessmen saw an opportunity in reviving only the regional aviation part of the business. They believed there were sound business reasons for this initiative:

  • both Hazelton and Kendell, before they were part of Ansett, were profitable entities and enjoyed excellent reputationand support;
  • both airlines were still in operation under their own brands even during administration; the route networks of both operators were complementary;
  • they operated the same aircraft types; and
  • significant economies of scale could be obtained by streamlining the operations (flight and engineering), administration and management of the two companies.

A consortium of businessmen comprising a group of Singaporean investors and a collection of Australian private investors eventually reached an agreement with the two sets of administrators, the government, the unions and the staff to purchase the Hazelton and Kendell turbo-prop passenger airlines businesses, leading to the formation of Regional Express, more affectionately known as Rex.

Rex has its roots firmly in the bush and in country Australia. Its tagline boldly affirms that ‘Our Heart is in the Country’. Rex believes that the bush needs and deserves an air service of quality that provides good connectivity with capital cities at affordable prices. Rex seeks to fulfil these expectations. Since its formation, Rex has steered a course balancing the needs of regional communities for extensive and affordable air services and to be economically viable and sustainable.

Contact Information

81-83 Baxter Road
Mascot NSW 2020

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