Project Description

Sharp Airlines is regionally focused and driven; we are committed to providing competitive air services throughout Victoria’s Southwest. With an experienced team, a head office in Hamilton, Victoria and operational bases at Essendon, Hamilton and Portland we are equipped to service the region.

We offer a diverse range of aviation services including scheduled commercial airline services, charter services, professional pilot training, engineering services, and specialist aerial work.

Sharp Airlines was established in 1990 as an aviation company focused on Victoria’s Southwest region. Today Sharp Airlines is committed to maintaining safe operations and world class product standards while building a viable and competitive business.

We provide exclusive passenger services from Portland and Hamilton to Melbourne’s Essendon Airport and from Portland to Avalon Airport near Geelong. Sharp Airlines strives to build a culture of innovation through its services, a culture that: listens to its customers; looks for opportunities; invests in training and development; encourages initiative and spreads new ideas.

Contact Information

Hamilton Airport
Hensley Park Rd
Hamilton Vic 3300

Phone: (03) 5574 8216
Fax: (03) 5574 8258