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Project Description

Shell has a long and proud history in the Australian Aviation industry, providing fuel to aircraft in this country for nearly one hundred years. Globally, Shell Aviation supplies fuel for almost 7,000 aircraft per day, refuelling a plane every 12 seconds at over 800 airports in more than 40 countries.

Not only has Shell Aviation been involved in almost every landmark event for Aviation but Shell continues to invest heavily in the future of aviation, particularly in the areas of new locations, upgrades to existing ones, technical advances in fuel delivery and people – at local, regional and global levels. It is one of the few oil companies with research and development facilities dedicated to the aviation sector.

Shell is the only Aviation supplier with its own Into-Plane operations at Australia’s 4 major airports.

Today, Shell Aviation markets proudly refuels around 2,000 flights per day right across Australia and has a range of Aviation fuels including Avgas 100 & 100LL, Jet A-1 and Shell AeroJet.

Shell Aviation can also supply Fuel and Fly cards for approved customers that can be used to purchase Aviation Fuel from any Shell into plane service worldwide. The Fuel and Fly card also provides access to Shell’s network of 24 hour self-serve bowsers.

With a long history in the Industry, Shell Aviation will continue with the same determination, ingenuity and vigour that have made us a World Leader.

Contact Information

Greg Atkin
Phone: 02 9597 9964

New Or Current Account Enquiries
Phone: 1300 735 793

PO BOX 651,
Collins Street West VIC 8007