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Solidus Industries’ mission is to be a trusted and reliable supplier of cost effective, environmentally safe, industry best practice products that allow their customers to excel in their business.

The team at Solidus Industries understand that any successful business relationship is based on mutual trust and integrity. Their commitment to their customers’ needs is as equally important as their commitment to the environment.

The Solidus Industries product range includes:

  • Zi-400HD Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner
  • Cleen Screen
  • ZOK 27

Zi-400HD Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner is a fully approved, highly advanced aerospace cleaner, specifically designed to provide corrosion inhibition whilst cleaning. It is cutting edge colloidal technology. It is not a conventional detergent or surfactant based cleaning product.

Since 1993 ZI-400HD Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner has become an integral component in the corrosion control program developed by the Royal Australian Air Force for its aircraft fleet. In 1997, Zi-400HD Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner was also chosen by the United Space Alliance (NASA’s ground operations arm) for use on the space shuttle fleet.

Where can it be used?

Zi-400HD Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner is recommended for all aspects of airframe washing and is highly effective for removing exhaust deposits and staining from unpainted and painted surfaces.

What’s more, any aircraft surface that tolerates water, both interior and exterior, such as aluminium, titanium, magnesium, chrome-molly, stainless steel, painted & polished surfaces, fabric, composite, acrylic, plastic, glass, ceramic, leather and carpet can safely be cleaned with Zi-400HD.

What does it do?

The Zi-400HD Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner chemistry makes it rugged enough for cleaning stubborn grime like turbine exhaust stains, yet gentle enough for cleaning carpets, upholstery and plastics.

Due to its formulation it will not remove grease from bearings, bushes or rod ends. Furthermore, not only is Zi-400HD non corrosive, the formulation actually has anti-corrosive properties, a unique attribute that no other cleaning product can offer.

Zi-400HD Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner is tested and conforms to stringent international military and civilian aerospace standards. The combined cleaning and corrosion inhibiting abilities of Zi-400HD have made it the market leader and industry benchmark throughout the entire aviation sector from ultra-lights and recreational aircraft to the heaviest military and commercial airliners, even the space shuttle!

Cleen Screen is used to remove marks, smudges and bug spots from windscreens, canopies, paintwork and plastics. Cleen Screen’s anti-static properties help stop dust, dirt and lint sticking to cleaned surfaces. This reduces frequency of and time spent on cleaning. Cleen Screen will not leave a film that could produce optical distortion or halo effect. Cleen Screen also has a rejuvenating effect on cleaned surfaces.

Cleen Screen is primarily intended for the Aviation market for cleaning aircraft windscreens and canopies. It is the Aviation Industry’s windshield cleaner of choice for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopter pilots. Cleen Screen is safe to apply on any hard surface (e.g. Perspex, Polycarbonate, Alloys, Vinyl and Paint), with the same cleaning and rejuvenating effects.

It’s unique formulation makes it equally useful and safe on aircraft surfaces such as, leading edges, gear legs, rotor blades yet Cleen Screen is also suitable for automotive, marine or household applications. Cleen Screen can even be used on reading glasses, sun glasses or mirrors.

ZOK 27 is a product specifically designed for cleaning and de-carbuizing the inside of gas turbine engines. ZOK 27 was originally developed to meet the UK Ministry of Defence requirement for a combined cleaner and corrosion inhibitor for helicopter turbine engines. It is now the approved cleaner for British military aircraft engines and is in wide spread use on all current gas turbine engines in many other applications including Civil Aircraft, Marine, Oil and Gas, Industrial and Power Generation.

ZOK 27 is suitable for both on-line and off-line compressor cleaning. An efficient clean can be achieved even during the very short dwell times of a hot wash. The corrosion inhibitor allows engines to be left ready for instant restart, even in salty offshore conditions. Water rinse and dry out runs are not necessary unless recommended by the engine manufacturer. The concentrate is easily diluted for use in the Marine, Aircraft, Oil and Gas, Industrial, and Power Generation Industries.

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