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Founded in 1911, StandardAero is one of the largest independent MRO businesses in the world, providing comprehensive services to commercial, military and business aviation, helicopters and industrial operators. Recently, we joined forces with three other long-established companies – Landmark Aviation’s MRO services (formerly Garrett Aviation), Associated Air Center and TSS Aviation. These four great legacies bring over 300 years of collective experience and expertise to form the new StandardAero.

The company now has over 4,000 employees working out of facilities strategically located in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia and serving customers from over 80 different countries. We provide services across five major categories:

Business Aviation – We have one of the largest networks of MRO facilities in the US. From engines and airframes to avionics, completions and paint, we can do it all on virtually any type of corporate aircraft in use today.

Airlines & Fleets – Our leadership in providing engine service for the Rolls-Royce AE3007 and the GE CF34 forms the foundation of our long relationship serving commercial aviation.

Government & Military – With a 40-year track record of providing maintenance and repair on the Rolls-Royce Allison T56/501 family of engines, we’ve served customers in the defense industry and other government entities all over the world.

Helicopter Programs – We have over four decades of experience working on the Rolls-Royce Model 250, one of the most successful helicopter engines in the world.

Energy & Industrial – Our Energy Services group provides total package solutions of turbine engine overhaul, component repair and field service to the power generating market all over the world.

At StandardAero, our people are dedicated to excellence and innovation. We not only do things the right way, we’re always looking for a better way — from developing proprietary repair processes to redesigning our facilities to make them among the most efficient in the world. But ultimately, everything we do is to enhance the ownership and operating experience of our customers – to provide the kind of service that gives you peace of mind, knowing the job will be done with skill and precision and that you’ll be back in the air in the shortest possible time. That’s the standard we’ll be judged by, that’s the standard we set at StandardAero.

Contact Information

John Twiss
Regional Sales Manager
3 Sir Thomas Mitchell Road
Chester Hill NSW 2162

Phone: 02 8707 0009
Fax: 02 9645 3720