Project Description

Tristar Aviation commenced flight training and charter operations in August of 1993 with one Cessna 150 Aerobat, and a goal to provide a professional and friendly training environment and a safe and efficient charter service.

Through the years since, the company has undergone many changes, but our goal has remained the same.

Tristar Aviation is a specialist in professional pilot training organisation and has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence.

Students are exposed to virtually every facet of professional aviation with year round conditions to ensure course completion.

The class sizes are small enabling greater student instructor interaction, which is important for the student to achieve their maximum academic success.

Tristar Aviation’s commercial flight training programs produce qualified graduates who are ready to begin careers as professional pilots. Comprehensive training programs give students the confidence, skill, and good judgement to operate safely and efficiently in all flying conditions.

Tristar Aviation has an Approved Test Officer on staff. This ensures the testing of students for licences and ratings is conducted when the student reaches the desired level of competency.

Contact Information

Adrianne Fleming
Operations Manager
14 Northern Avenue
Moorabbin VIC 3194

Phone: 03 9580 6200
Fax: 03 9580 7133