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The RAAA is oversighted by a Board of Directors elected by the Members each year at the Annual General Meeting from Ordinary and Associate Members. Under the RAAA constitution, the board will consist of not more than 12 nor less than 7 Directors, comprising a:

  • simple majority of Ordinary Members, and
  • minimum of two Associate Members.

Under the RAAA Constitution all Directors must be the designated direct representative of an Ordinary or Associate Member and no Director may serve as a representative of more than one Member.

Current Board Members

The current RAAA Board Members are:

Mr Jim Davis


Member Organisation
Regional Express (Rex)
Tel: 02 9023 3512
Fax: 02 9023 3599

Mr Noel Prosser

Vice Chairman
Chairman of Finance & Administration Committee

Member Organisation
Toll Aviation
Tel: 07 3860 8339

Mr Malcolm Sharp

Vice Chairman

TWG Chairman

Member Organisation
Sharp Airlines
Tel: 03 5574 8216
Fax: 03 5574 8258

Mr Greg Atkin

Chairman of Associate Members

Associates Chairman

Member Organisation
Viva Energy Australia
Tel: 02 9392 1420

Mr Michael Bridge


Member Organisation
Tel: 08 8920 4000
Fax: 08 8920 4095

Mr Gavin Healy


Member Organisation
RFDS Western Operations
Tel: 08 9417 6387
Fax: 08 9417 6379

Mr John Holmes


Member Organisation
Ansett Aviation Training
Tel: 03 9373 8000
Fax: 03 9373 8011

Mr Steve Padgett

Chairman of Convention Committee

Convention Chairman

Member Organisation
Aeromil Pacific
Tel: 07 5448 8700
Fax: 07 5448 7070

Mr Doug Park


Member Organisation
Hawker Pacific
Tel: 02 6198 3350

Mr Scott McMillan

Vice Chairman of Convention Committee

Member Organisation
Alliance Airlines
Tel: 07 3212 1571

Mr David Trevelyan

Technical Working Group (TWG) Chairman
Vice Chairman of Finance & Administration Committee

Member Organisation
Basair Aviation College
Tel: 02 9791 0111

Mr Steve Young

Technical Working Group (TWG) Vice Chairman

Member Organisation
Maroomba Airlines
Tel: 08 9478 3850

Chief Executive Officer

Under the RAAA Constitution the RAAA Board may appoint a Chief Executive Officer to lead the organisation and manage the day to day operations of the Association. The Chief Executive Officer also performs the duties of the Company Secretary.

Mr Mike Higgins

Tel: 02 6162 0305