About Us

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1980 as the Regional Airlines Association of Australia to protect, represent and promote the combined interests of its regional aviation organisations across Australia.

The Association changed its name in July 2001 to the Regional Aviation Association of Australia. RAAA members operate in all States and Territories. Members now include airlines, airports, engineering and flight training companies, finance and insurance companies and government entities. Many of RAAA’s members operate successful and growing businesses providing employment and economic sustainability within regional and remote areas of Australia.

The RAAA has approximately 100 members and directly employ over 10,000 people, many in regional areas. On an annual basis, the RAAA’s AOC members jointly turnover more than $1.5b, carry well in excess of 2 million passengers and move over 23 million kilograms of freight.


As detailed in our Constitution, the aim of the Association is to support its members by working with Government, the regulatory authority, and the community, to promote the maintenance of a safe and viable regional aviation industry.


In order to achieve our aim, the Association’s objectives include:

  • promotes, fosters, encourages, and supports a sustainable industry based on professionalism and co-operation of its members and in pursuit of industry best practice;
  • facilitate assembly, dissemination and exchange of technical and other relevant information to RAAA members;
  • promotes and maintains a high public profile in the community so that regional aviation gains greater recognition by the community for the valuable role it plays in regional and remote Australia with particular emphasis on informing the public on issues relating to operational
  • safety, operational efficiency, financial viability and dedication to serving regional and remote parts of Australia;
  • represents and communicates on behalf of the regional aviation industry and its members to government at the Federal, State and local levels and their agencies;
  • contributes to government and regulatory authority policy processes and formulation to enable its members to have input into policies and decisions that may affect their businesses;
  • initiates and/or manages programs that support and/or enhances the professionalism, safety, viability, or profitability of members;
  • initiates, manages, and participates in events that promote and/or supports aviation or that provides exposure for regional aviation in Australia; and
  • provides a forum for formal and informal professional development and information sharing.