Technical Working Group

The RAAA Technical Working Group (TWG) meets regularly so RAAA Members can get together to discuss the issues affecting our industry. The meetings generally incorporate a dinner to give Members a chance to get together to talk and network in a less formal environment. All RAAA Members are strongly encouraged to participate in the TWG. All members of the RAAA are entitled and encouraged to attend RAAA Technical Working Group meetings and are allowed to have as many representatives as they feel necessary in attendance at any meeting.

The RAAA Technical Working Group is a critical component of RAAA operations as it allows members to get together face to face to define, review, and find solutions for common problems being experienced from both a regulatory and operational perspective. Under the RAAA Constitution the the Technical Working Group is to consider and advise the Chairman and Directors of the RAAA on airspace, flight operations, maintenance and safety standards.

The RAAA Technical Working Group also has the ability, at the discretion of the RAAA Board, to creat sub working groups to look at specific areas of concern. Under the RAAA Consitution each sub working group has to have an RAAA Board member as the Chairman. As a Technical Working Group sub committee may require specialist expertise in a particular area the RAAA Board has decided that, with RAAA Board approval, a Sub Committee may nominate a Facilitator.