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The RAAA is the only organisation representing all sectors associated with regional aviation in Australia. Membership is available whether you are a small or large organisation with equal standing.

Being a member of an industry association such as the RAAA is an indication to others that you take your industry, and by extension your profession, seriously. It says you care about the future of your industry, value continuing professional development, and are activily involved in issues affecting the aviation industry.

Member Benefits

Regular industry updates and invitations to comment

All members receive regular industry updates and invitations to comment on a wide range of issues, and are encouraged to participate fully in the Association’s activities.

Participate in the RAAA Technical Working Group (TWG) & Sub-groups

The RAAA Technical Working Group (TWG) meets regularly so members can get together to discuss the issues affecting our industry.

Discounted access to the RAAA Convention and industry events

Members receive discount registration fees, discount on trade site hire and priority placement of limited spaces at the Convention Trade Exhibition.

Reach other members through our Newsletters

The newsletter is produced quarterly and distributed electronically to Members and via the web site for the general public.

Get listed on our member directory and link to your site

All members are listed on our website with a logo and link to their website.

Advocacy support regarding your organisation's issues

We provide an advocacy service whereby we act on your behalf to advocate for change in the industry.

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Peter Gash OAM

"Seair has been in the Aviation Industry for over 30 years but not been a member of RAAA until a few years back. We felt with the upcoming regs and the proposed changes, strength comes in working together. We could not be more pleased with how the RAAA welcomed us, tirelessly working for ALL operators for the best possible outcomes. Not only new regulations but so many other areas of our complex and specialist industry. I personally recommend any operator, large or small who is not a member, seriously consider joining. CASA seriously listen and take on board RAAA views and suggestions relating to industry issues. The RAAA are clearly the leading voice for the Regional Aviation Industry. We are fortunate to have that strong and experienced voice on our Team."

Greg Atkin

"Viva Energy has been an associate member of the RAAA for over 25 years. There are many benefits to being an Associate member. Having access on regular occasions, during a usual year, to meet with CEO’s of various airlines and air operators is a huge benefit. It provides a great opportunity to learn and understand about the issues that airline customers face in what they do and helps us to understand how we may be able to assist. Connecting with people from across all parts of the industry provides varied opportunities. We see this membership as a great investment."

Membership Options

Associate Membership (Industry Suppliers) - Annual

From $1,756.00 per year, depending on your organisation's annual turnover:

Turnover Price
Up to $1m, or not for profit$1,756
Over $1m, or not for profit$4,330


Open to all organisations, other than AOC holders, with demonstrated involvement in the regional aviation industry

Ordinary Membership (AOC Holders) - Annual

From $1,756.00 per year, depending on your organisation's annual turnover:

Turnover Price
Up to $1m, or not for profit:$1,756
$1m to $5m$4,393
$5m to $10m$7,407
$10m to $20m$9,126
Over $20m$10,867


Open to all organisations that hold an Air Operators Certificate (AOC)

Affiliate Membership (Organisations not AOC Holder or Industry Supplier) - Annual

The price for membership is $2,257.00 per Year.


Open to all organisations, other than AOC holders and Associate Members, who nevertheless participate on a continuing basis directly or indirectly in or with the Australian aviation industry (whether they participate at the regional level or at a different level) and who in the opinion of the Board will contribute to the goals of the Association

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