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RAAA comment on the new VET Fee Help system

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) congratulates the Federal Government on their proposed changes to the Vet Fee Help system.The RAAA also supports the governments increased requirements on quality measures for approved Registered Training Organisations, including the need to ensure students progress at a satisfactory rate and KPIs on graduate outcomes, student satisfaction and [...]

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RAAA launches 2016 Scholarships

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) invites eligible persons to apply for its 2016 pilot and engineering scholarships.The RAAA is proud to join with member organisations, Ansett Aviation Training, Hawker Pacific/Australian Avionics and Jeppesen Australia to be able to assist tomorrow's pilots and engineers.The RAAA sincerely thanks them for their ongoing support and commitment [...]

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RAAA announces new CEO

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) today announced the appointment of Mike Higgins as its new CEO.The RAAA Chairman, Jim Davis, commented "Mike brings a tremendous wealth of expertise to the position being a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, a former Commercial Pilot, Maintenance Organisation Manager and airline General Manager, one of the architects of [...]

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Opening up Airservices Australia

The RAAA fully supports Maurice Newman, the federal government's most senior business adviser, with his call to open up key functions of Airservices Australia to competition. Similar moves in other countries have proven that government monopolies can be improved significantly when they are subject to the market place forces. Recent Senate Hearings into a range [...]

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CASA Director of Aviation Safety Raises the Bar

The recent Directive on aviation safety regulations issued by Mark Skidmore, CASA Director of Aviation Safety (DAS), is the most important regulatory policy document issued by CASA in decades. It sets out clearly the guiding principles by which CASA will carry out its responsibilities to the travelling public and to industry. It commits CASA to [...]

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RAAA Scholarships Closing Soon

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) would like to remind people that the application closing date for the 2015 pilot and engineering scholarships is quickly approaching. To be eligible for these prestigious awards, scholarship applications must be received at the RAAA office by close of business 31 July 2015. Download Submission (pdf) [...]

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