Aviation Policy

This aviation policy document was launched by the Australian Aviation Associations’ Forum (TAAAF) of which the Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) is a member on 28 April 2016.


Australia’s aviation industry is a major contributor to the nation’s economy and it faces significant challenges. Australia should have a highly efficient and effective aviation industry supported by government policy and regulation. Unfortunately, the reality is different.

Aviation policy has languished and is in need of a bold agenda for reform. Our political representatives can capitalise on our natural advantages and the skills of our people by having government work with the industry in a new partnership to establish an aviation environment that supports safety, encourages competition and innovation and delivers significant benefits to the Australian community.

The key challenges for aviation in the next term of our Federal Parliament are to create a whole-of-government approach and forward-looking aviation policy, to harmonise aviation regulations with international standards and to establish performance based safety regulation based on risk assessment and outcomes.

This 2016 Australian Aviation Associations Forum Aviation Policy offers a practical strategy to continue the task of reforming Australia’s aviation landscape. The Summary document provides an overview of the highlights of the main Policy document.