The heart of the RAAA is its Members and the diversity of experience they bring to the Association in fulfilling its aim and objectives. Only by working together and talking as one strong voice will we create and maintain change to ensure a sustainable aviation industry for regional and remote communities in Australia. The more communities serviced by aviation the potential for more operators and aircraft requiring services from the industries that support them.

Under the RAAA Constitution membership of the Association is open to any organisation that can demonstrate active involvement in, or support of, the regional aviation industry. Membership is broken into the following categories:

  • Affiliate Membership
    Is open to all organisations, other than AOC holders and Associate Members, who nevertheless participate on a continuing basis directly or indirectly in or with the Australian aviation industry (whether they participate at the regional level or at a different level) and who in the opinion of the Board will contribute to the goals of the Association;
  • Associate Membership
    Is open to all organisations, other than AOC holders, with demonstrated involvement in the regional aviation;
  • Honorary Membership
    Are individuals who are nominated for Honorary Membership of the RAAA by the Members at a General Meeting of the Association. Under the RAAA Constitution, there can only be a maximum of seven Honorary Members at any time; and
  • Ordinary Membership
    Is open to all organisation that hold an Air Operators Certificate (AOC).

Under the RAAA Constitution all applications for membership must be approved by the RAAA Board. To become a member, the RAAA Office must receive a current membership application along with the initial membership fee due.

Further information about the different categories of membership and information on current Members under each category may be found on the Ordinary, Associate, Affiliate, and Honorary pages.

RAAA Member Review