PPG introduces the Semco 285-B Battery-Powered Mixer

Written by Andrew Arena on -

The PPG SEMCO® 285-B mixer is a battery-powered mixer intended to mix two part aerospace sealants, adhesives and other potting compounds. It’s designed for use in the aerospace, electronics or any industrial process requiring properly mixed materials. The mixer will blend all types of materials packaged in PPG SEMKIT® packages.

The unit is designed to offer the convenience of a lightweight, portable mixing solution without the hassle of an electric cord or air hose. The spindle assembly rotates the mixing rod at the proper speed, orientation and torque while the operator strokes the cartridges vertically along the length of the mixing rod. The result is a more consistent, uniform mix from kit-to-kit and decreases the likelihood of quality issues created when operators attempt to use non–approved methods of mixing sealants. Many engineered materials can be damaged when mixed at speeds too fast or under mixed at a rotational speed too slow.

The mixer weighs approximately eight pounds and is equipped with an ergonomically-placed handle for ease of portability and use. The high torque motor is of heavy-duty construction to withstand the rigors of industrial use. Each unit comes with a 20v lithium-ion battery, a charger base and charger cable. Semco has charger cables available with electric plugs to fit US, UK, EU or AU outlets.

To learn more about the PPG Semco 285-B mixer and other aerospace products from PPG, please contact +61 3 9335 1557 or visit www.semcopackaging.com. or email us at semcoinfo@ppg.com