Spring Newsletter

Written by Steve Campbell on -

Well we had to wait until we actually got Spring, but our latest Newsletter is out and it has some great articles in there. Great to hear from Sheridan Austin on the LAME shortage paper we recently released. Emma Whittlesea who you heard from in Darwin gives us some great insights into getting to Net Zero and info on the webinars they have been doing recently. It may not be your hot topic but highly recommend it becoming one for you!!

Peter Foley, former lead investigator for MH 370 gives some insights into the underwater search, a nice little appetizer before his presentation in Perth!!


New member Craig Jones from CJ Aerospace gives some insights into how CJ grew from a spare parts business into the manufacturing distributor that they have become, here is a quote from the article:

CJ Aerospace has now transitioned from being a spare parts broker to a fully-fledged distributor for about 35 manufacturers, as well as offering more than 600 different types of rotable aircraft parts for King Air, Cessna Caravans and Twin Otters.

As always some informative and incredibly intelligent views by the Chair and myself….

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