TAAAF aviation policy paper

Written by Steve Campbell on -

With the election upon us, The Australian Aviation Associations Forum or TAAAF have released our policy paper for consideration by both sides of government for the upcoming election. Whist both sides may have released their policy positions which we welcome, with current government’s Aviation Recovery Framework and the Labor party’s White Paper announcement, the TAAAF are keen to see tangible outcomes rather than more discussion and submissions.

There should be no excuse for any government to not understand what the issues are, future policy direction is great, but the aviation industry are screaming for outcomes yesterday!! With the engineering shortage almost at critical level, no more talking is needed, get these qualified people here from overseas ASAP, streamline the transition of licence process and then we can look at longer term solutions.

We have seen a better approach by CASA in recent years but with the new CASR’s full of ‘systems’ that our organisations have had to comply with, we need CASA to also catch up and be able to regulate with a ‘systems-based’ mindset, work needs to be done in that space.

The paper is deliberately high level as I know from my experience that in this time of election mode, the last thing you need in an office is a 150 page detailed analysis of the industry’s issues. Most of these issues are known and have been addressed also in the recent Senate Committee draft report into the GA industry. So no more talk is needed, it is action we are all after and will be seeking with the incoming government.

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