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Written by Grenville Hudson on -

Please welcome Associate member Flight Logics.

Flight Logics provides aviation specific safety management support services to small and medium sized aircraft operators and engineering maintenance providers. Our services enable small to medium sized aviation businesses to have a safety department with the same functionality as a large operator at a fraction of the cost.

Improve your safety culture by eliminating internal friction and politics. Small to medium sized companies have unique challenges due to the close and tightly knit relationships that exist between all members of the company at all levels. This may make it difficult when performing safety investigations and safety audits. Take advantage of our independent safety investigation and audit services. It will help take the emotion and anxiety out of a tricky situation.

Some Part 135 and 121 operators have already embraced SMS but many are now confronted with the need to introduce a full safety management system from “scratch”. Flight Logics can provide you with the one to one support and guidance to help your company develop and implement your new safety management system.

Flight Logics can provide a fixed price quotation for this service.

It includes:

  • The gap analysis
  • SMS project plan and implementation management support
  • Software solutions
  • Company specific SMS training
  • Ongoing safety office support

For further information about Flight Logics please go to: www.flightlogics.com 

Contact can also be made via email at info@flightlogics.com.au or by phone on +61 3 8605 4831