World Fuel Services continue to expand their footprint – supporting Regional Airports and aircraft operators

Written by Davin Magee, World Fuel Services on -

World Fuel Services, in support of Mildura Airport’s ongoing Airport expansion plans, has recently invested over $1 million in a new Aviation fuel facility and expanded its local on-airfield aviation fuel capability. WFS has worked this development in partnership with MAPL’s CEO Trevor Willcock, and the wider Mildura Airport team.

The new development now includes an Avgas tanker refueller, a Jet A-1 tanker refueller, as well as a new 24-hour Avgas bowser (accepting WFS carnet and credit cards).  The expanded operation is fully compliant with all Global Aviation and JIG (Joint Inspection Group) best-practice standards and all Australian legislation.


This Mildura airport refuelling facility is well positioned to competitively support the regional and local aircraft operators, by ensuring high quality Jet A-1 and Avgas for many years to come.

For Airports and Aircraft operators nationally, if you are looking to expand or develop your on-airport refuelling capability to meet all legislative requirements, then please reach out to World Fuel Services – through website or email to